Album Reviews

We can tell you how much we think you will dig this album all day, but don't just take our word for it! Check out the reviews below to see what others are saying about our self-titled debut album!

"Somewhere on the North Sea, returning from plunder, Amon Amarth must hear the thunder of Bow Down To Death and drink from the skulls of their defeated enemies. Glorious pummeling from all directions, this is mosh-pit madness that blows the sails of Viking metal ships..."

The Shepherd of WeLoveMetal


"Skeleton Wolf's blackened thrash rips wide open."

-  Invisible Oranges

 “…an inhumanly pleasing mixture of styles including the deathly caress of Immortal like vocals and Amon Amarth inspired melodic passages and punishing drum salvos.”

Cults Bucket o’ Metal

“From the songwriting to the playing to the production, these three guys have produced a release that I will happily include in my “Top 10 of 2016” list.”

King Rhino of

Knocking up a tidy album full of solid riffs, tight musicianship and pure adrenaline fueled metal anthems that are raucously fun in their simplicity, Skeleton Wolf have crafted an impressive debut.

L. Sanders of

“Three men with a very large sound.”

 Richard Jaspering of Mondo Metal STL


"A promising debut from a talented band with something good going on."

 Roppongi Rocks

"Skeleton Wolf is extreme metal, which begs to be played at an extreme volume." 

- Glacially Musical