Skeleton Wolf: Self Titled Album - Digipak


Skeleton Wolf's 2016 debut self-titled album. Comes with one digital download card.

Features 7 heavy tracks. 

Listening Time: 36:39

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"Skeleton Wolf's blackened thrash rips wide open."

 - Invisible Oranges


"An exercise in unpretentious and enjoyable extreme metal."

 - Mondo Metal STL


"A promising debut from a talented band with something good going on."

 - Roppongi Rocks


"Full of solid riffs, tight musicianship and pure adrenaline fueled metal anthems that are raucously fun in their simplicity, Skeleton Wolf have crafted an impressive debut."

- Angry Metal Guy


"Skeleton Wolf is extreme metal, which begs to be played at an extreme volume."

- Glacially Musical